Harman’s Vintage 2019 (almost 5-year) Cheddar Still Available

Harman’s Extra-Aged Cheddar, Aged Almost 5 Years

We have extended our March Sale through April 11th, so that visitors coming to our area for the Solar Eclipse on April 8th will be able to taste our vintage 2019 Cheddar.

This “almost 5-year” vintage is available for you to order through Friday, April 12th.  The limits have been lifted so you may order it again or order it for the first time.

Our customers, who stop in the store for a taste, love the tangy flavor of the vintage 2019and say it is quite distinctive from the vintage 2021 Cheddar.  If you are near our store, stop in for your own taste test between the two Cheddars.

Take minute to check out the rest of our March Sale and browse through our New Products.  I recently attended a buying show in Maine and tasted a few new products that I hope to have available for you to try in May.

Spring at Harman’s

On the very first Spring weekend, a snow storm came through and blessed us with over 18 inches of snow.  It snowed for over 12 hours and kept the plows busy!

In April, we are going to close for annual maintenance and to oil our store floors.

Order by April 12th, for delivery in April.  Our webstore will remain open during the break; orders received after April 12th, will be shipped in May.

Our Sugar Hill Store is open through Monday, April 15th.  The store will be closed starting April 16th until we re-open on Thursday, May 9th.

April 12,13 and 15:
Harman’s 3-Day In-store Flash Sale!  Almost everything* will be discounted by 10% or more; including sale items. *Pre-orders, frozen meats and consigment items are not included in this sale.

Happy Easter from all of us at Harman’s!

March is Maple Month.   Fuller’s Sugarhouse has been having a Maple Madness Bracket of delicious Maple Recipes with readers voting on the best recipe.  Unfortunately, most of my choices lost out in the first or second round but we are down to the finals now.   Check it Out.

This recipe didn’t even make it to the play-offs but I think it would make a beautiful side dish for Easter!

Maple Glazed Carrots

6 Medium sized carrots
3 tbsp Butter
1/3 cup Fuller’s Sugarhouse Pure Maple Syrup

Wash and peel the carrots.
Cut in thin slices at an angle.
Heat a sauté pan and melt butter until frothy.
Pour in Fuller’s Sugarhouse pure maple syrup and bring up to bubbling.
Add carrots, sauté briefly to coat thoroughly then turn heat to low.
Let finish on low heat, turning frequently until carrots are just fork tender – about 8 minutes.
Carrots should be slightly crisp when served.