We invite you to discover Harman’s Cheese & Country Store.  Since 1955, we have sold natural, premium grade, white cheddar made in New York State from whole milk.  Every year, in the spring, 16 tons of this wonderful cheddar is made just for us.  Then the cheese is aged slowly at uniform low temperatures for two full years to give it a delicious, smooth, and zesty flavor that our customers have labeled the “World’s Greatest“!

Over the years, we have added uniquely delicious condiments  to complement our Harman’s Cheddar.  Stop in to see us, or order and let us ship a bit of our store to you.  We look forward to serving you and hope you join our family of customers.

      Holiday Ordering starts Thursday, November 3rd.

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Harman’s Hours

November 26 – December 19
9:30 am – 4 pm
Only 2 Days a Week
Friday, Saturday
Open by Appointment

December 20-January 1
Open 5 Days
9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Tuesday thru Friday
9 am – Noon
Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve
Closed Sundays & Mondays

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Harman’s Cheese

Harman’s Happenings

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Harman’s Sugar Hill Store

About the Area

Located in one of the most wonderfully scenic locations in New Hampshire, Harman’s Cheese is in the center of a vibrant, active area with a wide variety of activities happening throughout the year. Check out our calendar of events and plan your visit to enjoy your time in Sugar Hill!


Photography by Chris Whiton
To see more of his photography, visit: www.whitemountainimages.org
or visit his new gallery location in N. Woodstock