Autumn Special: 4 Year Cheese

Autumn is almost Here!

Fog, Maple Trees, Sugar Hill, White Mountains, New Hampshire, Mortenson

The air is crisp and foliage color has started.

Harman’s is open 7 days* a week until October 22nd. *We will be closed on two Wednesdays: September 6th and 20th. If you visit, the sample table will be out with Harman’s Cheese and a couple of other cheeses.

On our website, we have web resources for planning your Autumn trip with links to Autumn events. Harman’s will host Artisans on the weekends, weather permitting. For more information, visit our facebook page: Autumn in Sugar Hill

If you can’t make the trip, we’ll post Foliage Photos of the area throughout the season for everyone to enjoy.

Harman’s 4-year Aged Cheddar

Like last year, we have pulled out some extra-aged Harman’s Cheddar for you. Our 4-year Cheddar, vintage May 2019, will be available until September 15th. We think it has a delicious flavor and hope you will like it, too. When we are cutting, the employees love the aroma and enjoy tasting the scraps that are left over.

We are also offering our vintage May 2021 Cheddar and this will be the cheese available through the holiday season. We like the texture and taste of this two-year aged Cheddar. Unfortunately, the cost of cheese and the cost of the electricity to keep it cool as it ages went up significantly, so there is a price increase.

New Products: We have added Smoked Maple Syrup and Flavor-Infused Maple Syrup to our on-line store. They add a bit extra to your marinades, stir-frys, or BBQ sauces.

Harman’s Community Project – Encouraging NH Farmers

This year has been tough on New Hampshire farms. We had a killing frost/freeze in May. In July and August, we had too much rain and flooding. Many NH farmers lost 20 to 100% of their crops as well as damage to their equipment, farmland and roads.

Since July, we have dedicated all of our sales of NH Corn along with customer donations to a New Hampshire Farm. We don’t sell a lot of corn but with customer donations, each week, we’ve been able to send at least $200 to encourage a NH farmer. Click here to follow our community projects.

In this year of extreme weather and wildfires; we have been inspired by the many reaching out all over the world to help each other. Just today on the NH news, we heard of a crew that drove down to Florida to help where needed.

Looking forward to the Holiday Season

We will start accepting orders for the holiday season on Monday, Oct 30th. Ordering early is best. You choose the week of delivery, so it arrives when you need it and the cheese is freshly cut for your package.

All of us at Harman’s, hope you had a good summer and that you have a beautiful autumn.

Brenda and the entire team at Harman’s