Vintage 2013 Harman’s Cheddar, Aged 9 years

Harman’s Extra-Aged Cheddars

Many of you have asked if you could order more of our vintage 2013 and vintage 2018 Aged Cheddar. Today, I removed the limits. You may now order more and as many pounds as you wish until we run out . . . or until our March Sale ends.

Our friends, Chuck & Diane from Apple Hill Farm, got up at 3:30 am to watch FIS World Cup Alpine Skiing. They decided it was a perfect time to taste-test our aged Cheddars with apples and crackers. They enjoyed all the Cheddars . . . the flavor of the 2013, the texture of the 2018, the familiarity of the 2020 and the new taste of vintage 2021 which will be available at their farmstand in July. We also sent them more cheese because there are still a few more days of World Cup Skiing to watch!

The last day to order will be Friday, March 31st. Orders received between March 28-31, will be shipped out on April 1st or April 3rd.

Exciting New Sauces from Wozz!

Warrick (Wozz) and Ashley have been in the kitchen again and created two new savory sauces.  My mouth waters just looking at that Shawarma chicken!

Middle Eastern Shawarma Savory Sauce: A cooking sauce and marinade inspired by the Middle East.  Layers of aromatic warm spices including cinnamon and cardamon infused with tangy citrus.  A delicious marinade for chicken, lamb or vegetables.

Sichuan Chili Garlic Dan Dan Sauce: 
A spicy Sichuan inspired sauce for Asian Noodle Stir Frys, dipping sauces or as a marinade.  Aromatic warm tingly spices mixed with house-made chili oil, sesame and roasted garlic.


April & May at Harman’s

Our retail store will be open through April 8th. The last day for mail-order is March 31.

We are closing for 4 weeks because both the store and I need some maintenance work done.

The webstore will re-open in early May with shipping resuming on May 8th. The Sugar Hill retail store will re-open Thursday, May 11th.

Happy Spring . . . .

from Brenda and all the team at Harman’s