May Hours: Thursday through Monday, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Harman's Cheese

In 1955, John and Kate Harman started a mail order business in their little country store. Harman's Cheese & Country Store has long been known for old-fashioned quality, reasonable prices and personal service. Since taking ownership in 1981, the Aldrich family has continued to uphold John & Kate's vision.
John & Kate Harman standing on the front steps of their Country Store in the early 70's. Note that the sign says

Nestled in the quiet village of Sugar Hill, New Hampshire, our little red country store is anything but quiet. Our mail order business reaches across the USA, Canada, and other countries. Orders come from as far away as Saudi Arabia and as close as next door -- and all are handled with personal attention. We have many customers who call to place their orders and chat with us. We enjoy taking the time to do both!

Our store is open year round. The products we offer are rarely found in markets or other specialty food shops and they are unusually good.

About Harman's Cheese

Harman's cheese is a natural, premium grade, white cheddar made in New York State from whole milk. Each year 14 tons of this wonderful cheddar is made for us and it is aged slowly at uniform low temperatures for two full years to give it the delicious, smooth, zesty flavor which has inspired our customers to label our cheddar as the "World's Greatest."

Our cheddar is cut by hand with an old-fashioned wire slicer. We wrap it in heavy duty plastic wrap and then in kraft paper (or holiday wrap). We guarantee that each block will keep a minimum of four weeks in your refrigerator. But to experience the full flavor of Harman's Cheddar, allow it to come to room temperature.

We sell more than 14 tons of the "World's Greatest Cheddar" each year. We invite you to check out our online store and see for yourself why our little business is more than just a quiet country store. And the next time you are in New Hampshire's north country, please stop in for a visit!

Photo: John & Kate Harman and their Country Store in the early 70's. The sign says "John Harmon's Country Store". The painter misspelled Mr. Harman's name but since the sign was painted, John decided to put it up anyways. Another later sign was also misspelled and then was corrected but the paint didn't quite match so folks knew that the name was misspelled underneath.