Welcome to our Store and our New Website

Back in the 1950's, John and Kate Harman left New York City to run a country store.   They looked at over 64 country stores in New England and choose this one.   John left his VP position at J. Walther Thompson Advertising and, with Kate, exchanged City life for our quiet little town.  

In 1955, John bought a "forgotten" half-ton of 18-month Cheddar Cheese (before everyone was aging cheese).  He used his advertising expertise and the great flavor of that cheese to launch a mail-order business offering Aged Cheddar for $1.25 a pound and Maple Syrup for $2.90 a quart, shipping included!!

The Aldrich family continues the business, following John & Kate's established tradition.  This year we expect to sell over 27,000 pounds of Harman's Cheddar.   Today, our Cheddar is made especially for us in New York state during the spring of the year when the milk is creamy and sweet. It is aged two years before we offer it to you.  Over the years, our customers have labeled it the "World's Greatest" and we invite to you to try its delicious, smooth and zesty flavor.  

John Harman started the mail-order business with only 2 products but you'll find that our store offers a range of delicious products, many are locally made.  We invite you to come visit us or browse through our webstore to enjoy all our products.    

Harman’s Webstore: It's a new format, we hope you will find it easy to navigate.   If you have any questions, please e-mail:  Orders@HarmansCheese.com   

Harman’s Sugar Hill Store:  In November, we will be open to the public on Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays. We will be open more during Thanksgiving week.  You may make an appointment to shop or to give us your holidays orders on the days we are closed.  With our small Harman's crew, we need to divide our days between mail-order and the retail store, so we can give good customer service to everyone.