General Webstore Information

Our new web store will look a bit different but we have tried to design it so that it easier for both you, our customers, and for us, at Harman's.  We apologize for the delay in opening the site up, we hit a few snags.

This Holiday Season and the New Web Store

1.  Logging in to the New Website. New Passwords needed:  Log In is at the top left of the page in the green bar.  You may create a new account or log in to your "old" account.  To log in to your existing account, enter your e-mail address in the "log-in" box and then choose the "forgot password" link.  This enables you to create a new password and enter your existing account. 

Unfortunately we were only able to bring your last order and last shipping address over to the new website.  We have access to your previous orders and previously used shipping address, please e-mail us at if you need any of that information and we will find it for you. Thanks for your patience.

2. Harman's Order Processing:  We are short-staffed.  It will take us longer to process, pack and ship your orders.  The ordering deadlines below are earlier than any other year.

3.  Products: We will have plenty of Harman's Cheddar but every other product in this web store may go out of stock quite quickly.  Daily, we have shipping delays and receive news that some of the products in this web store are no longer being made due to delays, needed ingredients, needed containers or a lack of employees.

4. Ordering Deadlines:  If you place orders by the order deadline dates, we will do our best to get them out on time but delivery delays and weather will effect the delivery date.

  • Order by Nov 11th for Thanksgiving & Hanukkah Delivery
  • Order by Nov 19th for Delivery the week of Nov 29th
  • Order by Nov. 29th for Delivery before Christmas
  • Order by Dec. 10th for Delivery before New Year's Eve


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