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We love to receive mail from our customers, and just look at some of the things you’ve written:

“Had some of your cheese and have never tasted anything so good.”

“Received your cheese and you are absolutely right, it is the World’s Greatest.”

“Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. Visiting your shop was the perfect way to end our vacation!”

“My first order was gone almost before I realized … can’t wait for more.”

“I was pleased with the promptness of the delivery and the packaging of the product.”

“We want to express our appreciation for all your patience and concern with our order. Your diligence and personal concern are commendable.

“It is a pleasure to do business with a family owned and operated business. We especially appreciate your obvious honesty and ethical marketing practices. And we love your cheese, of course!”

“Congratulations on your cheese [and] your superior performance of customer satisfaction.”

Our customers are also unique and special as the following illustrates:

“When I returned home I realized that while I purchased 2 lbs. of your wonderful cheese, I was only charged for one. Enclosed is a check … We enjoyed your store very much and will return during our next visit.”


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