Squash 101

Squash 101

Acorn Squash is actually a summer squash like zucchini, but with its hard-to-cut skin and drier flesh, it’s treated as a winter squash.  It may be baked, broiled, roasted, steamed, stuffed, sautéed, pureed, or even used as the surprise ingredient in a pie. It has a mild, buttery flavor.

Delicata Squash has delicate, edible skin. No peeling required! The creamy yellow flesh is wonderfully sweet, so you don’t need to add much to enjoy it. And it’s incredibly versatile —it can be stuffed and baked, steamed, oven roasted, microwaved, or sautéed with a similar taste to butternut squash.

Butternut Squash is very nutritious. It has a naturally sweet, nutty flavor that really emerges when roasted. The seeds are packed with protein and heart-healthy fats. It can be cooked in a variety of ways– baked or roasted, in a puree, in soups or stews, or as a sweet addition to other dishes.

Buttercup Squash – If you like pumpkin, you’ll love buttercup squash. It’s one of the sweetest varieties of winter squash, and its seeds are a great snack food, just like pumpkin seeds. The flesh tends to be dry, so steaming and baking are the best methods for cooking this squash.

Carnival Squash is a hybrid of the sweet dumpling and acorn squash.  It has a slightly nutty, buttery. sweet flavor similar to butternut squash.   It can be prepared by steaming, boiling, roasting, and sauteing.  The seeds can be roasted as a snack.

Honey Nut Squash was bred specifically for its sweet & nutty flavor and for its “mini” size. It is packed with more flavor and more nutrients than traditional butternut squash.  The best part you can cut it in half, pop it in the microwave and have a quick lunch.  Apple Hill’s workers do it all the time but if you have the time, it does taste best when roasted in the oven.

Red Kuri Squash is a member of the Hubbard squash family (but much smaller).  Its skin is hard but thin, and is edible once cooked. Red Kuri has creamy yellow flesh, with a smooth texture and taste similar to cooked chestnuts. They are difficult to peel, so they are usually cooked with their skin on. You can cook them whole or halved, or sliced into wedges or cubes. The seeds can be roasted like pumpkin seeds.  If you’re cooking a whole squash, pierce the skin in several places so steam can escape.

Sweet Dumpling Squash is about the size of an extra large apple.  The squash is similar to pumpkins and sweet potatoes.  The smooth, tender flesh of the squash can be scooped out to make pie or mashed with butter and cinnamon. The skin, which is thin, is edible and sometimes is sweeter than the flesh. Roasting it whole stuffed with practically anything, is a popular choice.