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Harman’s E-Mail Newsletters: 10-14 E-Newsletters a Year
These newsletters provide information about current specials, changes in store hours, special events at Harman’s, and holiday ordering information. During November, December and January, you may receive 4-6 e-mails because we want to keep you informed about holiday shipping deadlines, product supply and any shipping delays. The rest of the year, we usually send out 1 newsletter a month. You may opt out of this e-mail newsletter at any time.
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Harman’s USPS First Class Mailing – 2 Mailings a Year
We send out an annual letter with our brochure in November. In March, we send out a postcard announcing our annual sale which includes our “extra-aged Cheddar”. In March 2022, we will be offering Our 2012 and 2017 vintages of Harman’s Cheddar.

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