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Orange & Bourbon Marmalade

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Fresh oranges are simmered with the bold, peaty tast of ten-year malt whiskey.  A perfect marmalade for Harman's Aged Cheddar Cheese!  

10 oz jar

Blake Hill Preserves - Windsor, Vermont

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Blake Hill pairs fresh sweet oranges with the bold, peaty taste of a world renowned ten year single malt whisky. A rich, sophisticated marmalade perfect paired with our Harman's Cheddar.  The perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, a luscious texture, and distinct, complex flavor profile to complement the quintessential characteristics of a classic cheddar like Harman's Cheese.

Spoon a bit of this marmalade on vanilla ice cream and then sprinkle with chocolate shavings for a unique treat.

10 oz jar.

Ingredients: Fresh Valencia Oranges, water, cane sugar, ten-year single malt whiskey

Only 45 calories per Tablespoon serving, Gluten-Free.

10 oz Jar

Made by Blake Hill Preserves of Windsor, Vermont

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