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Vermont Epicurean Mustards

These mustards are made using traditional blends of whole grain Dijon country mustard and other natural ingredients for maximum flavor and minimum fat.

3 Flavors:  Maple Country, Maple Horseradish and Roasted Garlic

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There's nothing like a good mustard. Besides slathering these Vermont Epicurean Mustards on sandwiches, you might use them to begin your own salad dressings, to add flavor to a roast, or just try a dab on a slice of Harman's Cheddar Cheese. 

3 Flavors: 

Maple Country Mustard: Made with a course stone ground seed and just the right amount of real Vermont maple syrup, this robust and sweet country mustard brings out all the most delicious flavors in your sandwiches and cold meats. It goes great with hearty brown breads and dipping pretzels.

Maple Horseradish Mustard: Sweet maple syrup and zesty horseradish make this a perfect sandwich mustard or veggie dip but it's great to cook with, too.

Roasted Garlic Country Mustard: A sophisticated blend of taste and texture. The taste of roasted garlic in this mustard is a perfect compliment for hearty dishes. Try it as a glaze on roast pork or stir a spoonful into beef gravy. You'll love it. When it is out on our sample table, people rave about the flavor.

Packed in 10 oz Jars.

Made in Vermont for Casually Gourmet, Inc
   New Haven, Vermont

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