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    Vermont Maple Sriracha

    Vermont Maple Sriracha is made with five powerhouse ingredients that not only taste great, but are good for you too. Made with fresh peppers, apple cider vinegar, Vermont pure maple sugar and syrup, garlic, and kosher salt and you will NEVER find any additives or preservatives in this Sriracha. Vermont Maple Sriracha is a gluten-free, vegan-friendly condiment that you can use with peace of mind.

    4 Flavors:  
    Original Hot
    Very Hot
    Hot Sauce with Smoked Maple Syrup
    Verde Hot Sauce

    8 oz Bottle

    Handmade by Vermont Maple Sriracha - Rutland, Vermont

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    Apple Cider Honey Mustard

    Real honey and apple cider are blended into a sweet and tangy mustard that goes great with chicken, turkey, pork and sausages. You can also use it as a basting sauce or condiment for meats and vegetables.

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    Little Acre Whole Seed Balsamic Fig Mustard

    Little Acre all-natural whole seed Balsamic & Fig Mustard is a combination of tangy aged balsamic vinegar, the sweetness of dried figs with a subtle hint of garlic.  It's  excellent on Harman’s Cheddar (or any cheese). 

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    Moxie Mustard

    Have you had the experience of drinking a Moxie soda? Their slogan of "distinctively different' is quite an understatement and most of us wouldn't drink it.   But the blend of flavors with Moxie works to give a delicious mustard with a bit of a tang. 

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    Ruth's NH-Made Mustards

    Ruth's Mustards were inspired by a grandmother's recipe, passed down through the generations to her granddaughter, Laurel. Over the years, Laurel has developed more mustard flavors and each has a distinct and delicious flavor.  All made right here in New Hampshire.  7 oz jars.

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    Ruth’s Cranberry Mustard

    Fruity Mustard with a Kick! Versatile condiment perfect on turkey, ham, or on Harman's cheddar cheese. This is our first choice of mustard for many of our holiday combination gifts as it really pairs perfectly with Harman’s Cheddar.

    Packed in 7 oz jars.
    Made by: Ruth's Mustard of Charlestown, NH
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    Vermont Epicurean Mustards

    These mustards are made using traditional blends of whole grain Dijon country mustard and other natural ingredients for maximum flavor and minimum fat.

    3 Flavors:  Maple Country, Maple Horseradish and Roasted Garlic

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