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Maple Syrup Leaf Bottles

Pure Grade A Maple Syrup fills these beautiful veined glass Maple Leaf Bottles. 

  • $4.95

Pure Grade A Maple Syrup in in 3 sizes of Leaf Bottles.

 We've chosen to fill the bottles with Grade A Amber Maple Syrup.  The rich amber color and the pronounced maple flavor of this Maple Syrup make it great for all around use and beautiful on the table.

Available in 3 sizes:

Leaf Nip: 1.7 oz, 4.5 inches tall

Small Leaf: 3.4 oz, 5.75 inches tall

Large Leaf: 8.4 oz (a bit over 1/2 pint) and 6.5" tall

Produced by: Fuller's Sugarhouse - Lancaster, New Hampshire.

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