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    Maple Cream

    Old-fashioned, 100% pure spreadable maple, no added ingredients.  Pure Maple Syrup cooked and whipped to a creamy consistency.  

    • $11.75
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    Granulated Maple Sugar

    100% pure maple fine granulated sugar - sprinkle it on cereal, toast, pancakes, or any number of dishes.

    • $6.00
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    Small Boxes of Maple Candy

    Bite-size pieces of pure Maple Candy. All made with 100% Maple Syrup and no additives. 

    • $2.50
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    Maple Candy Boxed

    Maple Sugar Candy, all 100% pure Maple Syrup. 

    • $4.00
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    Maple Sugar Coated Nuts

    Almonds, Cashews, Pecans, or Walnuts coated with maple sugar.  

    • $7.50
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    Maple Flavored Hard Candy Drops

    Hard Candies flavored with pure Vermont Maple Syrup. Individually wrapped. 

    • $5.00
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    Maple Flavored Lollipops

    Maple Flavored Lollipop in the shape of a Maple Leaf. 

    • $1.95