Follow the Lupines from May to July (and maybe a bit beyond).

Last Year! 2016’s  First Bloom: May 24 at the Ledges of Sugar Hill



This Year – 2017, May 24: First Lupine blooms in Sugar Hill on Route 117. 
May 24: First glimpse of color at the Easton Fire Station.
May 24 at The Ledges on Sugar Hill
May 24: First Glimpse of color in the Route 117 field above Polly’s with the stone wall.
May 20: Inn at Sunset Hill
The lupine buds are reaching for the sky.
May 20: Polly’s has Lupine buds, too!
May 18: Another Lupine Bud
May 18 – Route 117
May 17 – Lupine Bud
April 27 Lupines



































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May 24, 2017. The first lupine blooms on Route 117.
The Lupine Photography Contest is back this year with a Pollyanna twist – for more info, click here.  All photos for contest must include the Pollyanna Glad Twist!
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