Lupine Photo Page 3: June 15-21

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2017 Lupine Journal 
June’s Peak Blooms
June 10-21, 2017

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June 21: Large Field between the Sugar Hill Community Church and Harman’s. On the left as you make the corner going toward Harman’s.
June 21: Field at The Inn at Sunset Hill
June 20: Harman’s lupines at Sunset.
June 20: Plenty of Blooms on Route 117, near Center District Road
I like Lupines – they are stubborn plants and even when knocked down they bloom upright very quickly.
June 16 Lupines at Pearl Lake
June 16 Evening lupines at Pearl Lake
June 15 You can catch a just a glimpse of this field from Route 117. It is across from Creamery Pond Road but up at the top the hill.
June 14: Sugar Hill Lupines
June 14: Have you visited the field BEHIND Polly’s Pancake Parlor?
June 12. This was a coral colored lupine, the photo makes it appear pink but it was closer to coral.
June 12 Maxine Aldrich at the Exit 41 Motel in Littleton
June 12 Bethlehem on the Lewis Hill/Whitcomb Road.  See the June 7 Photo to see the difference 5 days made in this field.
June 12 – On the back roads of Sugar Hill
June 12 Hadley Road
June 11 Lupines at Polly’s Pancake Parlor, photo courtesy of the Polly’s.
June 10 Lupines at the Inn at Sunset Hill. Photo from the Innkeepers.
June 10 The Sugar Hill Sampler Field. Photo taken by Heidi, FNCC
June 10 The Sugar Hill Sampler Field. Photo taken by Heidi, FNCC
Please be careful in our fields, we want lupine blooms next year, too. Thank you.
After taking pictures of lupines, please check for ticks. They are very prevalent this year. Harman’s does carry a spray that helps.



































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