Lupine Photo Page 2: May 31 – June 9

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2017 Lupine Journal 
Early Blooms: May 31 to June 9, 2017

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June 9 Route 117, Field with the Stone Wall
June 9 Sugar Hill Sampler
June 8: Back Roads of Sugar Hill
June 8 Back roads of Sugar Hill
June 7 Lupines and Pearl Lake
June 7: No blooms yet but this field between Bethlehem and Franconia (Lewis Hill/Whitcomb Road) is full of lupine.
June 7: Dyke Road
Sugar Hill
June 5: Stewartstown and Sugar Hill Lupines going to Washington DC for the NH Experience with Senator Jeanne Shaheen (along with the Bear and Moose in the back of the truck).
June 5, Lupines on the Church Corner in Sugar Hill
June 5, Lupines at the Alpine Clinic in Franconia
Determined lupine growing in gravel.
June 1: One mile from Harman’s Cheese on Route 117 (going towards Lisbon).
June 1 Lupine Colors
June 1 – Lupine Colors
June 1 Carpenter Road – Sugar Hill
May 31 at the Sugar Hill Sampler
May 31 at Pearl Lake









































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