Lupine Photo Page 1: April 27-May 29

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2017 Lupine Journal 
April Seedlings to May’s First Blooms
May 24 = First Blooms

Click here: Early Blooms, May 31-June 9, 2017
Click here: Peak Blooms, June 10-21, 2017
Click here: 2017 Late Blooms to Seed Pods
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May 29: Ridge Road
May 29 at Pearl Lake
May 29 at Pearl Lake, Lisbon. Just a bit of sun and this section will be full of blooms.
May 29 Sunset Hill Road, in the field with the new house after the Sampler field and before the Inn.  The ticks are horrible this year.  I took this from the road with my little point & shoot at full zoom (at 6 pm) as the flowers are way down in the field.  I was NOT walking down into a wet field to get closer.
May 29 Ladyslipper.  Tonight after Harman’s closed, we drove the area checking on lupines and were thrilled when we found 14 Ladyslippers on Timber Lane, Franconia.
May 28 – Sugar Hill Sampler Field
Spikes will be in bloom soon.
May 28: Inn at Sunset Hill
Another few days and there will be full blooms.
May 28 – Route 117
Last Year! 2016’s  First Bloom: May 24 at the Ledges of Sugar Hill



This Year – 2017, May 24: First Lupine blooms in Sugar Hill on Route 117. 
May 24: First glimpse of color at the Easton Fire Station.
May 24 at The Ledges on Sugar Hill
May 24: First Glimpse of color in the Route 117 field above Polly’s with the stone wall.
May 20: Inn at Sunset Hill
The lupine buds are reaching for the sky.
May 20: Polly’s has Lupine buds, too!
May 18: Another Lupine Bud
May 18 – Route 117
May 17 – Lupine Bud
April 27 Lupines







































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