2019 Lupine Journal: June 9-14 Page 4

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2019 Lupine Photo Journal 
Peak Blooms: June 10 to 14

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May 26 = First Glimpse of Color
May 29-31 = First Blooms
Peak:  June 9 to . . . . 

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June 14 Early Morning Lupines in Sugar  Hill.   This is peak blooming season right now.  Download the map above and take a drive, you will enjoy the view.

June 14 – The field above Polly’s with the stone wall is blooming.
June 14, Route 18 North (Sugar Hill side) beautiful lupines in the field.
June 14, Pink Lupine at Gale River Motel.
June 14th on Lovers Lane
June 14 – Field on Lovers Lane
June 14, Lupines at Harman’s
June 14

June 12 Lupine Drive:  Today’s Photos are from the Sampler Field, Ridge Road & the Frost Place, and at Polly’s Pancake Parlor. All Beautiful Spots to visit.

June 12, The Sampler Lupine Field and Cannon Mountain.
Even though the Sampler is closed, we are grateful that the family opened the field and mowed a path for visitors to walk through the field. They also took the time to put up Barbara’s signs from past years. A beautiful short walk with a great view of the mountains and lupines.
June 12, The Lupines across from the Sampler Barn.
June 12, The blooms on Ridge Road
June 12, The Frost Place
June 12, Polly’s Lupines.
June 12, Polly’s Barn & Lupine
June 12, Pink Lupines

June 11 Lupine Drive:  Lovers Lane, Carpenter Road, and Route 117.  I take these photos to show you where the lupine are blooming and sometimes the lighting is not wonderful for photographs. Today was one of those days so use your imagination to correct the lighting or coloring for that photo!  Also today is the day that I found some lupines already going to seed, wish the blooms would last just a bit longer.   We will still have lupines for a while because there are still lupines waiting to bloom even with the first blooms going to seed.

June 11 Lover’s Lane – The lupines are there, just not bright in the evening light.
June 11 View of Cannon Mt with Lovers Lane Lupines.
Lupine Field on Lovers Lane. The bright evening sun and shadows made taking a photo difficult.
June 11 Carpenter Road Lupines with view of Franconia Notch
June 11 Lupines on Carpenter Road
June 11, Route 117 across from Creamery Pond Road
June 11, Lupine growing in old Route 117.
June 11, Pink lupine growing in old Route 117
June 11, Lupines at Harman’s
Can’t resist – its’ so beautiful! Harman’s Azalea bush.
June 11: As much as I hate to post this photo, it is a reality. Some of the first blooms of Lupine are now past bloom and creating their seed pods.


June 10 Lupine Drive:  Back roads of Sugar Hill to Pearl Lake, back to Sugar Hill for Dyke Road, the Inn at Sunset Hill, Sunset Hill Road, and then a trip over the Lewis Hill/Whitcomb Road between Franconia and Bethlehem.  Peak blooms at Pearl Lake and some areas on Sunset Hill Road.

June 10 at Harman’s Cheese
June 10 on Sugar Hill’s Back Roads
June 10 at Pearl Lake
June 10 on Pearl Lake Road
June 10 on Dyke Road
June 10 at the Sunset Hill Inn
June 10 on Sunset Hill Road.
June 10 on the Lewis Hill Road between Franconia and Bethlehem.

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