2019 Lupine June 1-8

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2019 Lupine Photo Journal 
Blooms: June 1-8
May 26 = First Glimpse of Color
May 29-31 = First Blooms

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June 8 – Route 117, just one mile from Harman’s

June 7 – Pearl Lake Photos

The Field by Pearl Lake is full of Lupines and blooms come out more each day.



June 7, Pearl Lake
June 6 Dyke Road Lupines looking at Cannon Mountain.

June 6 at the Alpine Clinic (Rte 18) in Franconia and at Harman’s Cheese in Sugar Hill

June 6 Alpine Clinic
Rte 18, Franconia
June 6 at Harman’s Cheese

June 5 at Polly’s Pancake Parlor


June 5 – Polly’s Pancake Parlor Barn
June 5 at Polly’s

June 4 at The Ledges on Sugar Hill

June 4
Photo Credit: The Ledges on Sugar Hill

June 4 – Evening drive down to Pearl Lake.  There are lots of spikes, so if we have some sun the place will soon be full of blooms.



June 2: Tonight’s photos visit a variety of locations.

June 2, Rte 117
June 2, Dyke Road
June 2, 1st Color at Harman’s

June 1:  Found some Ladyslippers as we looked at Lupines.

June 1, Lady Slippers
June 1, Lupines on Route 117
June 1 at Polly’s
June 1 at Polly’s
Polly’s Lupines

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