2019 Lupine Journal: Seedlings to First Blooms

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2019 Lupine Photo Journal 
April Seedlings to May’s First Blooms
May 26 = First Glimpse of Color
May 29-31 = First Blooms

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May 31 – Early Evening:  A stop to check out the Lupines at the Ledges (Rte 117 and also one of the best AirBnB’s in Sugar Hill) then on to see what was happening out by Pearl Lake.

May 31, The Ledges on Sugar Hill, Route 117
May 31, Pearl Lake
May 31, Pearl Lake Rd
May 31 Pearl Lake Rd










May 30 – 8 pm, After Sugar Hill’s Pizza night, I checked out Carpenter Road. If you go, watch out for TICKS!  I saw about 5 scattered blooms in the field.

May 30: Carpenter Rd
May 30, Off Carpenter Road looking toward Cannon Mt.












May 29, Early Evening Drive out Pearl Lake Road. Lupines are starting to bloom by the lake and across the road in the fields.

May 29: Pearl Lake
May 29 Pearl Lake Road










May 28 – Not Lupines but too beautiful to be overlooked!

Spring Blossoms








May 26, First Color
Rte 117 near Ctr District Rd

May 23: Lupine Flower Spikes
May 17: Our first glimpse of a Flower Spike.
May 14, Harman’s Lupines
May 8 at Polly’s Pancake Parlor
April 21 Lupine are coming!

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