2019 Lupine Photo Journal

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2019 Lupine Photo Journal 
More Peak Blooms: June 14 to . . . .
May 26 = First Glimpse of Color
May 29-31 = First Blooms
Peak:  June 9 to . . . . 

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June 17 Lupines on Dyke Road

June 16, as much as we don’t want the bloom to end, it happens. Some of the lupines are now in the seed pod stage but don’t worry there are still blooms coming. Sometimes you see both stages on the same plant!

June 16 Lupine Sunset at Polly’s Pancake Parlor

June 16 Sugar Hill Lupines

June 16, Lorraine’s garden; one mile from Harman’s on Route 117 heading towards Lisbon.

June 16, Large field on Route 117 across from Creamery Pond Road, less than a mile from Harman’s Cheese
Field across from Creamery Pond Road on Route 117
June 16, Harman’s Lupines
June 16, Harman’s Lupines. There are pink lupines scattered all around Sugar Hill, so they are not hard to find.
Lupines are stubborn. Stepped on and the bloom still stands up straight. If a flower can do it, so can we!

June 14 Lupines at Polly’s Pancake Parlor

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