Working at Harman’s

Harman’s Cheese has been around since 1955. My family worked for Mr. Harman, ran the business after he died and then purchased the business in 1981. Our business is built on Customer relations both in-store and through the mail. We are part of family traditions and have generations of families who make an annual visit to see us or order every year. We value the customer connection and need employees that will also value and help us build a relationship with customers that enter the store or call us on the phone.

We sell 14 tons (over 28,000 pounds) of Harman’s Cheddar each year along with other select cheeses, gourmet condiments, and gift/souvenir items. Our Harman’s Cheddar is always a minimum of 2 years old. It is made and aged especially for us by the Great Lakes Company of New York.

Job Requirements

  1. Good customer skills, willing to welcome and visit with customers
  2. Ability to lift 45 lbs. You need to be able to lift blocks of cheese to move them on to the cutter.

The Important Stuff

  1. Job is currently 3 to 5 days a week (22-40 hrs). During November and December, job is 32-50 hours a week. Time over 40 hours is always optional.
  2. Pay minimum is $12 per hour; wage depends on ability & experience.
  3. Half-hour paid break for lunch
  4. 20% Store Discount and Free Cheddar each week.
  5. Flexible scheduling, but must be able to work a minimum of 4 weekend days each month from May through Columbus Day Weekend.
  6. We are unable to offer any health insurance or retirement benefits.

Our COVID Protocol will be assessed often and may change, the current policy is:

  1. Masks are required if you are not vaccinated and to be worn properly. We can provide a mask.
  2. You are washing and sanitizing your hands, door knobs, etc often.
  3. We have plexiglass shields up at the cash register.
  4. We have a limit of 7 customers in store, others wait outside.
  5. We have employees with compromised health systems or living with family who has compromised health therefore we try to be as careful as possible.

The Job

The following tasks are part of a day’s work at Harman’s. You will be asked to do a variety of these tasks:

  1. Waiting on customers at the Cash Register, which also includes being an “information” person for visiting tourists
  2. Stocking Shelves, Rotating Stock, Keeping track of Expiring and Low Stock
  3. Dusting and keeping the Store and Backroom clean
  4. Cheese: Cutting to size with a large wire cutter, wrapping in saran and kraft paper.
  5. Paper-wrapping and boxing items to be shipped
  6. Packing boxes to be shipped from a picklist.
  7. Entering shipping information into computer for UPS shipping labels.
  8. Taking customer orders for mail-order and curbside.
  9. Office Work: Typing labels, Entering Orders on Customer Accounts, and Filing Orders
  10. Shoveling/Sweeping Sidewalk & Porch of leaves/snow, Watering Flowers

We are a small business and it takes a team to keep it going.

If you are interested in working at Harman’s, please complete this application: