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Apple Hill Farm Pepper Jellies

Pepper Jellies made with apples!  The juice from the apples and peppers blend together for a perfect pepper jelly!

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We had been asking Apple Hill to make pepper jelly for us for years and finally in 2016, they did. 

It's made with apples from their own orchard which we think gives it a wonderful flavor. The apples, sugar, sweet peppers, and pectin blend together for the perfect bite of pepper jelly.

Try it on a slice of Harman's Cheddar or pour it over a block of cream cheese and dig in. Try it in a sandwich, glaze on meats or add it to your stir-fry dishes.

2 Flavors:
  Sweet Pepper Jelly made with Red Sweet Peppers
  Hot Pepper Jelly made with Red Hot Peppers

Sold in 8 oz jars.
 Ingredients: Apple Juice, Sugar, Peppers and Pectin

Made by Apple Hill Farm - Concord, NH

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