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We do bring back product for our store but pre-ordering, ensures we bring back enough.

All Frozen Meats  from Mill Brook Farm or Fox Country Smokehouse MUST be pre-ordered.   Fox Country Smokehouse’s  Fresh Bacon, Kielbasa, and Smoked Cheeses are available in-store; but pre-ordering ensures we have it in stock for you.  See lists below for prices and selection.  The Smokehouse may not have much Kielbasa this week, so if you wish some please pre-order

Huckin’s Farm Dairy Products are listed below with prices.  This week’s seasonal Yo-Cheese Flavor is Apple Crisp  and is not listed below.  Have you tried Matty’s yogurt?  It is delicious with fruit, the vanilla and maple add such a nice flavor.  Remember to return the yogurt lid and jar to redeem your $1.50 deposit.

Apple Hill Farm  or Windy Ridge Apples
NH Grown Apples:  1/2 Peck $10, Peck $15.00
Varieties Currently Available (Harman’s will stock limited varieties, so please pre-order):
McIntosh –  Exceptionally Juicy with a Strong Sweet-Tart Taste.  Apples  mellow and are a bit more sweet, soft as you keep them.  An all-purpose apple
Cortland – Sweet with a bit of Tartness. Favorite for Eating & Apple Pies!!
Molly’s Red Delicious – This apple is not related to “Red Delicious” apples  but named for Mollie Whateley who loved the flavor and texture of this apple.  Aromatic with a sweet-tart, subtly acidic flavor.  An excellent all-purpose apple from eating raw to baking to making jam or jellies.  Keeps 2-4 months in refrigerator.
Honeycrisp:   Super Crisp with a Juicy, Coarse texture.  Balance of Sweet and Tart.  Excellent for eating and a great choice for salads, sauces, baking and pies.  Keeps 2 to 4 months in cold storage.
Ready this week!
Macoun: Aromatic, Firm Flesh with Sweet Tang.  A McIntosh-Jersey Black cross.  High quality all-purpose apple.
Gala: Mild, Sweet Flavor.  Excellent for eating fresh, for salads & applesauce. Keeps well in refrigeration.
Fuji: Crisp and very juicy with sugary-sweet flavor.  A good all-around apple for sauce, salads and fresh eating.

Apple Hill Farm Fruits, Vegetables, and Baked Pies
Seedless Concord Grapes – $4.00/lb
Seedless Reliance Grapes – $4.00/lb
Stanley Plums
– $3.00/lb
NH Grown Bi-Color Corn:  6 ears for $3.75, 75 cents per ear
(White Corn will return but none available this week)
Squash Varieties – $1.50/lb
Acorn – Bake, Broil, Roast , Steam, Stuff, Sauté, Puree, or use in a pie.  It has a mild, buttery flavor.  Hard-to-cut skin with slightly dry flesh.
Buttercup – One of the sweetest varieties of winter squash and its seeds make a great roasted snack.  The flesh tends to be dry so steaming and baking are the ideal cooking methods.
Butternut – Very nutritious with a natural sweet, nutty flavor.  The seeds are packed with protein and heart-healthy fats, so are ideal for roasted.  Cook in a variety of ways: bake, roast, puree, use in soups or stews.
Delicata – No peeling required as it has a delicate, edible skin.  Sweet yellow flesh and very versatile.  Stuff, Bake, Steam, Roast, Microwave, or Sauté.   Similar flavor to Butternut squash.
Funky Pumpkins with Warts – $2.00/lb
Potato Varieties: 
Yukon Gold: Versatile golden potato, superb for mashing, in soups, roasted or sauteed.
Goldrush Russet: Golden potato excellent for storage, baking & boiling.
Peter Wilcox: Purple skin with yellow flesh.  Earthy flavor, delicious roasted, boiled or baked.
Adirondack Blue:  Blue or Purple Skin with blue-violet flesh. 250 to 300% more antioxidants than gold or white fleshed potatoes.  Very delicious roasted, mashed or in salads.
Adirondack Red:  Purplish-Red skin with pink-red flesh. Natural antioxidant.  Flavorful and moist, tasty for roasting and in salads.
Home-Baked Pies with Crumb or Crust Top:  $7.95, 5 inch or $15.95, 8 inch
Strawberry Rhubarb, Peach, Blueberry, Apple
Sugar-Free (Splenda) Apple or Peach Pies Available upon Request.
And Chichester Cider Donuts:  Sugared, Plain or Cinnamon-Sugared – $6.25 for 6
Chocolate or Maple Frosted – $7.95 for 6

DeLucia Farm (Bath, NH) Organic Vegetables and Eggs
Varieties of Eggplant – $3.50/lb
Peppers:  Sweet – $3.50/lb, Jalapeno – $2.50/lb
Eggs: $3.95 per dozen.

Nigel Manley (Bethlehem, NH) 
Varieties of Garlic
– $2.00/bulb:  Magic, Kilnery Red, Bogatyr and . . . Mystery Garlic

Order by Tuesday Noon – Sept 21.  Available at Harman’s Friday, September 24th
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