Grocery Box Winter

Ordering Grocery Box Items
March – April 2021
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Grocery Items through Smiley’s
           Smiley’s is Closed for Mud-Season, March 29 – April 30, Reopens May 1.

Polly’s Restaurant & Bakery News
           Open Friday to Monday, 7 am – 2 pm  Polly’s is closing for Maintenance April 6-15.

      1. Pints Frozen Soups available: Split Pea, Tomato Basil, Sweet Potato, Chicken Pot Pie,  and Armenian Lentil
      2. Frozen Mac ‘n Cheese, $11.99 – Still Available!
      3. Easter Baking:  Order Early!
        Hot Cross Buns
        Lemon Raspberry Cake Rolls and
        Maple Crème Pies for $18.99!!!!
      4. Baking Schedule for Fresh, Hot Bread & English Muffins! Ask about other items, including Quiche, Muffins, and Biscuits.  This schedule is for April 1-4.
        1. Thursday: Oatmeal and Whole Wheat Bread, Whole Wheat English Muffins
        2. Friday: Sourdough Bread, Plain English Muffins
        3. Saturday: White Bread, Plain English Muffins
        4. Sunday: White and Whole Wheat Bread, Plain English Muffins

Mill Brook Frozen Meats:

      1. Place your order directly with Harry McGovern by e-mail:
      2. Payment by Credit Card, Venmo, or leave Check at Harman’s Cheese.
        You can pick up from his farm in Landaff or have delivery to Harman’s.
      3. List of Meats.  Click here for Pork and Click here for Beef.
      4. Harman’s has a limited amount of Mill Brook Meats in our curbside store.  10% of proceeds from Curbside Meat Purchases will be donated to local Food Pantry . They are available for next day pick-up.  Click here for Harman’s Link.

Harman’s Curbside Store open until April 3 (last pick-up April 5).
Curbside Closed April 4-22.

      1. Rocky’s Dairy, Huckin’s Farm, Fox Country Smokehouse,  and Mill Brook Meats are available through our Curbside webstore.   Click Here for Curbstore Link
      2. Curbside Service is available Monday-Tuesday and Thursday thru Saturday.   Items in stock are available the next day for pick up.
      3. Huckin’s Farm:  Ricotta, Feta, Yogurt and Yo-Cheese available.  Yo-Cheese of the month is Ranch Flavored Yo-Cheese.  Yo-Cheese is a yogurt based cream cheese and can be used anyplace you use cream cheese.
      4. Special Order items from the above businesses, Click here for the list of products offered by Rocky’s, Huckin’s Farm and Fox Country Smokehouse.  Send us an e-mail and we’ll add your order to our regular order.   We’ll notify you when they are in for pick-up from Harman’s.
      5. Easter Hams:  If you want a Ham from the Fox Country Smoke House for Easter, please order by 9 am, March 30th.  Sizes Available: 7 to 12 pounds, $4.99 per pound.  Ham Steaks about 1 pound each, $6.99 per pound.

March 28-April 3:  Harman’s Food Pantry Project
10% of  Curbside Order Proceeds donated to Local Food Pantry
Link to Grocery Box Donation Page