Grocery Box Survey

Grocery Box Survey

The Big Question:  Do we continue the Grocery Box service through the summer?

Please complete this survey to evaluate the Grocery Box program. All questions refer to June, July and August only.  This survey is NOT looking beyond August; it’s difficult enough to plan through one week.  Even if you don’t plan on purchasing another grocery box, it would be helpful to us if you would complete this survey.  Please answer every question.

Grocery Box Survey
1. How often would you buy a grocery box, if it continued through August?*
2. What was the main reason you purchased a grocery box?*
3. What would encourage you to purchase a grocery box? *


4. During the next 3 months, would you buy groceries from Smiley’s for the box?*
5. Check all items that you would buy from Smiley’s for your box.*
6. What would be the price range of your average order to Smiley’s (just items from Smiley’s)*
7. If we had to charge a fee to collect products from Smiley’s, what would you be willing to pay?*

DeLucia Family Farm

8. Would you buy fresh garden produce from DeLucia Family Farm during the next 3 months?*
9. Would you be willing to buy it as a set box of garden produce with items available that week?*

Fox Country Smoke House: Bacon, Kielbasa, Ham & Ham Steaks, Marinated Steak Tips, Frozen Sausage

10. Would you purchase these items for your grocery box? *
11. Check all the items you would purchase from Fox Country Smokehouse in one month.*

Mill Brook Farm Frozen Pork and Beef

12. Would you purchase Mill Brook Frozen Pork and Beef for your grocery box? *

Polly’s Pancake Parlor Bakery

13. Would you purchase Polly's items for your grocery box? *

Which of the items below would you choose from Polly's for your Grocery Box, and how often?

14a. Bread*
14b. Muffins, Biscuits*
14c. Cookies, Sweets*
14d. Pies*
14e. Quiche*
14f. Frozen Soups*
14g. Take & Bake Meals*

Dairy Products

15. During the next 3 months, would you buy Hatchland, Cabot or Hood Products through the Grocery Box?*
16. Currently all Hatchland, Cabot & Hood Products are sold to you at cost (helping Rocky’s Dairy) but going forward Harman’s will need to increase the price to cover its overhead. Would you still buy them if the price increased?*


17. Do you prefer local or commercial eggs?*
18. How often do you buy eggs? *
19. Looking at you answer above, how many dozen eggs would you purchase in one month?*

Harman's Cheese & Country Store

20. How often do you buy items from Harman’s for your grocery box?*
21. Which do you prefer?*

Grocery Box Day

22. Regardless of what day you pick up now; can you pick up your box on Thursday?*
23. Regardless of what day you pick up now; can you pick up your box on Saturday?*
24. If Thursday was designated Grocery Box ONLY at Harman’s from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm and you did NOT have to come at a specific time, would you be able to pick up your box on Thursday?*
25. If Thursday was designated Grocery Box ONLY at Harman’s – no other customers but grocery box customers, would you come into Harman’s to shop for additional items?*
26. Shopping at Harman’s on Thursday, how much would you spend?*


27. If you are a current volunteer, how often would you volunteer in June, July and August?*
28. If you are not a volunteer, would you volunteer and how often?*

Grocery Box Donations

If you know of an organization, business, or individual/family that needs assistance, a “thank-you” or encouragement during these days; feel free to send in your suggestion. You may include the suggestion with your grocery box payment or send an e-mail to

Individual donations received by the grocery box are confidential and are a gift from you, the donor. They are not a “required” part of the Grocery Box program.  Total donations received and total donations given out are public information and posted in the weekly newsletters.

Donations received through the grocery box project are used as encouragement and/or financial assistance to help deal with the changes this pandemic has created.