Grocery Box Donations

Grocery Box Donations: Thank you!

March 28-April 4:  10% of All Harman’s Curbside Payments will be donated to a local Food Pantry.
March 22-27: 10% of All Harman’s Curbside Payments for Frozen Meats will be donated to a local Food Pantry.

In 2020, many Grocery Box customers chose to round up their invoices. Those extra pennies, dimes, dollars were set aside to assist others during this pandemic.

Total Donations collected to date are over $8,000 including gifts from Polly’s & Harman’s customers.

Drop by Drop, these donations are creating a river that is flowing into many lives through. 

Making a difference and spreading encouragement.

Where the donations went . . . .  Current amount given out: $8,582


$1200 to purchase $20.00 Grocery Gift Certificates for 60 families to help with Christmas Meals
$1045 to give 50 Children (local Food Pantry) a $20 Christmas Gift Card and a few holiday treats.
$200 to a
local Vermont family with extensive medical expenses
$175 to the Littleton Senior Center for Meals on Wheels or where it was needed most.
$300 to Linn County, Iowa for August Derecho Storm Recovery
$200 in gift certificates purchased from Littleton Office Supply.
  These Gift Certificates distributed through Food Pantries and The Bridge Project in Lincoln

$375 to SERVE Afghanistan to provide 4 needy Afghan families with 45 days of food during the pandemic
$500 in $10 gift corticates purchased from Franconia Market & Deli, donated to Franconia Food Pantry.
    $500 = $160.00 from Grocery Box Donations and $340 in Donations from Harman’s Customers.

$300 to Gale River Pre-School to help them comply with CDC guidelines.  $280 plus direct check of $20.
$250 to Rustic Log Cabins for Covid protection and cleaning supplies.
$300 to Franconia Church of Christ to repair elevator for the Food Pantry.
$250 to Polly’s Pancake Parlor for cashier shields and masks.
$250 to Harman’s Cheese for gloves and for the cashier & office shields.
$250 to Franconia Children’s Center to pay current bills and help them to prepare to re-open.
$200 to Franconia Family Chiropractic “to keep the lights” until they can resume seeing patients.
$1,120 to the Sugar Hill Willing Workers for their pandemic relief projects assisting local food pantries and children’s programs.  $785 plus $325 of checks written directly to them.
$400 to Gale River Motel, supporting a local business through this pandemic.
$200 to Hatchland Dairy to prevent the dumping of milk and getting it into the community.
$378 used to purchase needed foods for the Franconia Food Pantry
$232 to Meals on Wheels at the Littleton Senior Center
$207 to the Dinner Bell of Littleton
$250 of gift certificates purchased from Topic of the Town
   1st Congregational Church of Littleton gave the gift certificates to deserving individuals