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Dried Soldier Beans - Coming in November

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New England's favorite for Baked Beans.

We will NOT have dried soldier beans in stock until after Thanksgiving.  Maine had a wet October and the current crop is still in the fields.  They are working on harvesting now.  The beans must be harvested, dried, sorted and bagged.

Green Thumb Farms - Fryeburg, Maine

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New England's favorite for Baked Beans. 

Well known in early New England, this heirloom bean is great as a baking or soup bean. The name is from the markings near the eye that resembles an 18th Century European soldier. White with reddish brown markings around the eye. 

Recipes are included either in the bag or printed on the bag, packed in two-pound bags.  Appearance of bag may not look like the photo as some of our beans are packed in kraft bags.

At this time, we do NOT know the price of the beans as It is not set until all the beans are harvested and dried.  The price is set by how much the fields produced each year.  The price you see is the price from last year's crop.

Green Thumb Farms - Fryeburg, Maine

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