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Apple Hill Christmas Jam

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Large plump Maine Cranberries are mixed with chunks of sweet strawberries grown by Apple Hill Farm and then simmered in small batches to make this delicious jam.

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Back in 2017, when Maxine broke her hip and was unable to make Jam for the annual Willing Worker's Christmas Sale in Sugar Hill, Apple Hill Farm surprised us with several jars of Christmas jam.  They donated the jam in Maxine's name so that WW sale table wouldn't be lacking of jam.  They also made a few extra jars for Maxine and I (Brenda) as gifts.  It was a delicious combination of strawberries and cranberries and when our jars were gone, we missed it.

In November 2018, Apple Hill Farm received several boxes of cranberries from a Maine farmer and they combined them with their strawberries to make Christmas jam again.  That year they let us offer it to our customers but we had a very limited amount.   Since then, they have been making it for us to sell every holiday season.  

Ingredients: Apple Hill grown strawberries, Maine Cranberries, Sugar, Pectin
8 oz. jar

Made by: Apple Hill Farm - Concord, New Hampshire

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