Autumn is almost Here!

Fog, Maple Trees, Sugar Hill, White Mountains, New Hampshire, Mortenson

The air is crisp and foliage color has started.

Harman’s is open 7 days* a week until October 22nd. *We will be closed on two Wednesdays: September 6th and 20th. If you visit, the sample table will be out with Harman’s Cheese and a couple of other cheeses.

On our website, we have web resources for planning your Autumn trip with links to Autumn events. Harman’s will host Artisans on the weekends, weather permitting. For more information, visit our facebook page: Autumn in Sugar Hill

If you can’t make the trip, we’ll post Foliage Photos of the area throughout the season for everyone to enjoy.

Harman’s 4-year Aged Cheddar

Like last year, we have pulled out some extra-aged Harman’s Cheddar for you. Our 4-year Cheddar, vintage May 2019, will be available until September 15th. We think it has a delicious flavor and hope you will like it, too. When we are cutting, the employees love the aroma and enjoy tasting the scraps that are left over.

We are also offering our vintage May 2021 Cheddar and this will be the cheese available through the holiday season. We like the texture and taste of this two-year aged Cheddar. Unfortunately, the cost of cheese and the cost of the electricity to keep it cool as it ages went up significantly, so there is a price increase.

New Products: We have added Smoked Maple Syrup and Flavor-Infused Maple Syrup to our on-line store. They add a bit extra to your marinades, stir-frys, or BBQ sauces.

Harman’s Community Project – Encouraging NH Farmers

This year has been tough on New Hampshire farms. We had a killing frost/freeze in May. In July and August, we had too much rain and flooding. Many NH farmers lost 20 to 100% of their crops as well as damage to their equipment, farmland and roads.

Since July, we have dedicated all of our sales of NH Corn along with customer donations to a New Hampshire Farm. We don’t sell a lot of corn but with customer donations, each week, we’ve been able to send at least $200 to encourage a NH farmer. Click here to follow our community projects.

In this year of extreme weather and wildfires; we have been inspired by the many reaching out all over the world to help each other. Just today on the NH news, we heard of a crew that drove down to Florida to help where needed.

Looking forward to the Holiday Season

We will start accepting orders for the holiday season on Monday, Oct 30th. Ordering early is best. You choose the week of delivery, so it arrives when you need it and the cheese is freshly cut for your package.

All of us at Harman’s, hope you had a good summer and that you have a beautiful autumn.

Brenda and the entire team at Harman’s

Harman’s Extra-Aged Cheddars

Many of you have asked if you could order more of our vintage 2013 and vintage 2018 Aged Cheddar. Today, I removed the limits. You may now order more and as many pounds as you wish until we run out . . . or until our March Sale ends.

Our friends, Chuck & Diane from Apple Hill Farm, got up at 3:30 am to watch FIS World Cup Alpine Skiing. They decided it was a perfect time to taste-test our aged Cheddars with apples and crackers. They enjoyed all the Cheddars . . . the flavor of the 2013, the texture of the 2018, the familiarity of the 2020 and the new taste of vintage 2021 which will be available at their farmstand in July. We also sent them more cheese because there are still a few more days of World Cup Skiing to watch!

The last day to order will be Friday, March 31st. Orders received between March 28-31, will be shipped out on April 1st or April 3rd.

Exciting New Sauces from Wozz!

Warrick (Wozz) and Ashley have been in the kitchen again and created two new savory sauces.  My mouth waters just looking at that Shawarma chicken!

Middle Eastern Shawarma Savory Sauce: A cooking sauce and marinade inspired by the Middle East.  Layers of aromatic warm spices including cinnamon and cardamon infused with tangy citrus.  A delicious marinade for chicken, lamb or vegetables.

Sichuan Chili Garlic Dan Dan Sauce: 
A spicy Sichuan inspired sauce for Asian Noodle Stir Frys, dipping sauces or as a marinade.  Aromatic warm tingly spices mixed with house-made chili oil, sesame and roasted garlic.


April & May at Harman’s

Our retail store will be open through April 8th. The last day for mail-order is March 31.

We are closing for 4 weeks because both the store and I need some maintenance work done.

The webstore will re-open in early May with shipping resuming on May 8th. The Sugar Hill retail store will re-open Thursday, May 11th.

Happy Spring . . . .

from Brenda and all the team at Harman’s

Superbowl and Valentine’s Day

February has arrived. You still have time to order Harman’s Cheese for the Superbowl or for your Valentine!

During February, Harman’s Smoked Cheddar is $8.50 for an 8 oz block. We think it is a perfect superbowl snack and if you haven’t done so, try it in your next Mac ‘n Cheese.

Check out our February Sale for more specials.

How is your winter going? As I write this, Friday and Saturday are predicted to be the coldest days we have experienced in several years due to low temperatures combined with gusty winds. I’m not sure I’m ready for it and I like winter! This winter, several of the Harman’s crew have traveled to Florida . . . and they love to send me an e-mail or photo to let me know how warm they are. I’m sure I’ll get an e-mail or photo over the next 2 days from Florida!

New Products at Harman’s

As part of our February Sale, I added two new products.

Blake Hill’s Orange Marmalade made with 10 year Malt Whiskey is a delicious pairing with Harman’s Cheddar. Many of the Blake Hill condiments complement our Cheddar Cheese, like the Blake Hill Fig Jam.

Just in time for Superbowl snacking, we have Landjager. This is a traditional Swiss Salami stick made with garlic and wine. You have to try this one, it isn’t like any other salami that I have tasted. If I get hungry at work, this is my “go-to” snack.

Stay warm this winter,

Brenda and all the Harman’s Crew
(including those in Florida)

Coming in March

Starting March 1, we will offer our extra-aged Harman’s Cheddar: vintage May 2013 (aged almost 10 years) and vintage June 2018 (aged almost 5 years). The next e-newsletter will have all the details.

Nov. 14th, Monday: Last Day for Thanksgiving Orders

We have extended our Thanksgiving order deadline through 8 pm tomorrow, Nov 14th.  For many of us, including me, the holiday snuck up quite quickly!

You may order through our website, by e-mail or by phone, 603-823-8000 (10 am – 4 pm).  We have records of your 2020 and 2021 orders with your giftee addresses.

Our annual letter has been mailed through the post.  It is also on our website with extra tidbits. Click here to see the letter.

November Specials and Ordering Deadlines

Through November 18th, we are adding a FREE pound of cheese to the first order that you place. Limit one per customer. No coupon code needed.

November Specials:  We have Indian Pudding for your holiday season.  If you enjoy Fudge, Qwerkz is making a delicious Butter Pecan Fudge, but it is only available for Thanksgiving.

Throughout the season, check our Holiday Update page for current information about ordering, product stock and shipping.

Ordering Deadlines
Nov 28: Delivery during Hanukkah
Dec 5:  Delivery before Christmas
Dec 12: Delivery before New Year’s Eve
We will accept orders after these deadlines and process those orders as we are able.

We look forward to hearing from you.  We wish all of you a joyous Holiday Season starting with a Blessed Thanksgiving.

– Brenda Aldrich and the entire Harman’s Team

Harmans & Pollys Closing, Re-open Nov. 3

You have today and Monday to visit Harman’s or Polly’s before we close for a short break to prepare for the upcoming Holiday season.  Stop in to Harman’s for Cheese and delicious apples, squash, 6 inch pies and Polly’s Bread.  As of 11 am Sunday, all are still available.

Harman’s November Hours

November 3rd to November 19th
Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday:  9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Closed Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday
Thanksgiving Week
Open Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Open Wednesday: 9:30 am – 1:30 pm
Closed Thanksgiving Day, Check for Sunday’s hours
Starting Nov. 28th, Holiday Hours will start. 

Polly’s Hours

Starting November 3rd
Open Thursday thru Monday:  7 am to 2 pm, including weekends
Closed Tuesday, Wednesday

November Local Products at Harman’s

Apple Hill Farm closes on Wednesday, Nov 23rd. We pick up weekly from them.  They have Apples, Potatoes and Squash. Their bakery has delicious Pies, Parkerhouse Rolls and Squash Rolls.  Pies are 6 inch or 9 inch deep dish.  Check out the list of varieties available, by clicking here.  We will have their  pies and rolls for Thanksgiving, must be pre-ordered by Nov 17.  You may pick up from Harman’s on Tuesday or Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Delucia Farm has frozen Lamb available now at $12.50/lb:  Shoulders, Rib Racks, Shanks, and Lamb Legs

Huckin’s Farm  offers fresh Yo-Cheese,Yogurt, Feta, Ricotta, and Curds.  Pre-orders welcome but we try to keep a stock in the store.

Fox Country Smoke House will have Smoked Hams (8 pounds and up – $5.99/lb), Ham Steaks cut to order ($7.99/lb) and Smoked Turkeys (12-20 lbs at $5.99/lb) for Thanksgiving.  Order early.

Polly’s Pancake Parlor will have their Thanksgiving Baking List available in November.

To pre-order any of these products for now or Thanksgiving, please e-mail:

Local Happenings

Oct 29: 11-11;30 am,  Sugar Hill Supervisors of the Checklist will meet at the Town Offices for voter registration.

Oct 31: Sugar Hill Town Offices are Closed today.

Nov 2: 4:30 pm, Medicare Informational Session at Crapo Building.

Nov 8: Election Day.  Sugar Hill Voting: 11 am – 7 pm

Nov 9: Open invitation to Franconia Heritage Council Annual Meeting.  5pm at Lovett’s Inn.  Guest Speaker: author Alan R. Hoffman with a presentation on Marquis de Lafayette and Human Rights. The Annual Meeting and talk are open to the public and free of charge. 5:00 Welcome (cash bar). 5:30 Annual Meeting: update and election of officers. 6:00 Lafayette Talk by  Alan R. Hoffman. 7:00 Dinner, which requires pre-registration by October 31,$48 pp. E-Mail for info:

November 4-5,11-12 at 7:30pm, Nov 6 & 13, 3 pm:  Oliver!  Theatre Up!, Littleton Opera House

Article about Sugar Hill in Eastern Mountain News: Explore Sugar Hill like a local.

Last Week for Harman’s 4-year Aged Cheddar

Autumn is definitely here and foliage looks beautiful. It’s not peak, but definitely lots of color.  A great time for a trip to our area.

Less than 30 pounds remain of our 4-year Aged, vintage 2018 Cheddar Cheese.  Limit one pound per customer for $15.50.  Everyone has enjoyed the flavor of this cheddar.  We are looking forward to seeing how more flavor it will have when we offer it again in March 2023.

Our 3-year Aged, Vintage 2019 is $13.50 per pound. We will offer this vintage through October 10th.  It, too, has a delicious taste and has been popular.

Our 2-year, vintage 2020 is on sale for $9.50 for our mail-order customers.

Limited Special in our Webstore: 6 oz blocks of Smoked Havrati Dill for $5.50

 Foliage on September 22, 2022
Franconia Notch State Park Tree
Photography Credit: Chris Whiton of White Mountain Images

Visit our Harman’s Foliage Update Page for current photos of our Autumn Color.

Autumn Artisans at Harman’s

Weather-permitting, Artisans will bring Woven Baskets, Quilts, Knitted Afghans, Wood-turned Bowls, Homemade Jams & Jellies, NH Folk Art, Wool Socks, Homemade Pickles & Relishes, Hand-spun Yarn, Hand-Crafted Jewelry and more.  Click here for more infomation.

Weather permitting, Artisans are set-up from 10 am to 3:30 pm:
Saturday & Sunday, Oct 1-2
Friday through Monday, Oct 7-10

New Products for Harman’s:
2 New Baskets by Artisan, Linda Lomasney of Deeda’s Baskets.  You may also order baskets directly from Linda’s website.
Denis Desjardins makes our Mouse Cheese Boards.
Stop by Columbus Day Weekend to see both Artisans.

The 2022 Holiday Season & Harman’s Autumn Break

On October 31st, you may start placing your holiday orders.

To prepare for the Holiday Season, we will be closed on the following dates.
Oct 20 – 30: Mail-Order closed to Ordering & Shipping
Oct 25 – Nov 2:  Sugar Hill Store closed to Customers

Ordering Dates for this Holiday Season

Order by November 10 for Thanksgiving
Order by November 28 for Hanukkah
Order by December 5 for Christmas
Order by December 12 for New Year’s Eve

Autumn Special: 2-year, 3-year and 4-year Harman’s Cheddar

Shaking up our traditions, again.  We are offering some of our older cheeses this month.  You don’t have to wait until March.

Our 3-year Aged, Vintage 2019 is $13.50 per pound. This is available for shipping through September 30th.

The 4-year Aged, vintage 2018 will be limited to one pound per customer for $15.50.  We are cutting 80 pounds, saving the rest to offer when it is 5 and 10-years aged.  Look for it again in March 2023.  This will sell out quickly, so don’t wait if you wish a block.

Through October 20th, our 2-year, vintage 2020 is on sale for $9.50 per pound for shipping in September or October.

Limited Special in our Webstore: 6 oz blocks of Smoked Havrati Dill for $5.50

Photography Credit: Chris Whiton
White Mountain Images
Lovers Lane, Sugar Hill in October, 2021.  The foliage color has started and it won’t be long until the Lane looks like this again.

Autumn Artisans at Harman’s

Weather-permitting, several Artisans will be at Harman’s this autumn.  They will bring Woven Baskets, Quilts, Knitted Afghans, Wood-turned Bowls, Homemade Jams & Jellies, NH Folk Art, Wool Socks, Homemade Pickles & Relishes, Stained Glass, Hand-spun Yarn, Hand-Crafted Jewelry and more.  Click here for more infomation.

Look for them from 10 am to 3:30 pm:  Sept 23-25, Sept 30-Oct 2 and Columbus Day Weekend, Oct 7-10.

Artisan, Linda Lomasney of Deeda’s Baskets makes two baskets for Harman’s.  An 8-inch round basket in grays, blues, and greens or a 7-inch round natural basket with maroon and green trim.  You may also order baskets directly from Linda’s website.  Another artisan, Denis Desjardins, makes our Cheese Mouse Boards.  Stop by this Columbus Day Weekend to see them both.

Looking toward the Holiday Season

On October 31st, you may start placing your holiday orders.

Our webstore will be closed from October 20-30, to prepare for the holiday season.

Ordering Dates for this Holiday Season
Order by November 10 for Thanksgiving
Order by November 28 for Hanukkah
Order by December 5 for Christmas
Order by December 12 for New Year’s Eve

If you place an order after the deadline, we will process it as soon as we are able.  Last year, we started processing and shipping the “late” orders on December 16th; some made it in time for Christmas and New Year’s.

Our “order by” dates are early because, by Thanksgiving, we often have already received orders for 1000 packages. Our small business is able to pack and ship between 100 to 200 packages each day.  Our team works overtime and on weekends during the holiday season as we want every package to go out as soon as possible.