autumn celebration in sugar hill nh

Sugar Hill’s Autumn Celebration
September 30 – October 1

The October Autumn Celebration is an open-air market of 50+ vendors, featuring music, artisan demonstrations, history and more!  You will find delightful handmade items along with local businesses with their products. This is a great time to start your holiday shopping, as you will find a variety of great gift items, including food, household items, wearables, artwork, and more.

Each year, vendors gather at the Sugar Hill Meetinghouse, the Carolina Crapo Memorial Building, and the Sugar Hill Museum. There is plenty of parking in the field behind the meetinghouse and plenty of handicapped parking.

Check back in August to see the schedule of events including the free concert.

At the Lupine Celebration, we have over 90 vendors and participants at the market, many of them will be returning.  Click here to learn more about the market and who is coming.   White Mountain Gourmet Coffee will be a cornerstone of the Autumn Celebration.  Last year, your donations raised over $500 for local food pantries.

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Due to the busy days of June, this photo might be a bit late but  the facebook page  is updated daily.

June 16 Evening Video Lupines at Pearl Lake
Click here for the video

June 20: Plenty of Blooms on Route 117, near Center District Road
The Lupine Photography Contest is back this year with a Pollyanna twist – for more info, click here.  All photos for contest must include the Pollyanna Glad Twist!
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