We cut into our vintage 2020 Harman's Cheddar, to see how it was aging. At nineteen months aged; it has a delicious, smooth flavor. We are offering it in February for $9.50 a pound. We also have Smoked Horseradish and Crowley's Sage Cheese on sale. 

Have you experienced a bit of Cold Weather this winter? It was 18 below here last night. Tonight's going to be a good Chowder night and a cup of Hot Cocoa will also hit the spot. We have both on sale in February. 

Want a FREE* pound of Harman's 10-year Aged Cheddar?

Starting March 1, we will be offering Harman's 5-year and 10-year Aged Cheddars. Sorry, we aren't able to accept pre-orders but we are going to offer a free block to two of you! To win this cheese, send an email to Orders@HarmansCheese.com letting us know a delicious way that you enjoy Harman's Cheddar Cheese. The e-mail that tempts our tastebuds the most, will win a block of 10-year Aged Cheddar. Since our team seldom agrees unamiously on anything, we will give a block of 5-year aged Cheddar for the e-mail that the others voted for. Let us know how you like your Harman's Cheddar . . . but "plain" or "with crackers" probably won't tempt us the most; because we enjoy it that way every day. If e-mails have identical ways to enjoy our Cheddar, the first e-mail received is the one that will be voted on. Be creative and send us an e-mail: Orders@Harman's Cheese.com 

The winner will be announced on March 1st. *Shipping & Handling is not included with this offer.

Have a great February from all of us here at Harman's!