Holiday Ordering has started!

You do need to enter a new password to get into your old account. Sign in with your e-mail and then click "lost password" to create a new password for your existing account.  You can also create a new account or check out as a guest without any account. 

You may also place orders by mail or e-mail.  If you wish to place an order by phone, please call 603-823-8000 and leave your phone number (please repeat it for clarity).   We will call you back, usually in the afternoon of the next day.  Our retail store is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays; if you call on those days, we may not get back to you until Tuesday.  We are dedicating Tuesday through Thursday to mail-order in November.

November Specials and Ordering Deadlines

In November, we are offering 6-year Aged Cheddar, limit 2 pounds per customer at $16.95 a pound.  We have Harman'sMcCadam's Cheddar Cheese available, both were made in 2016. This cheese must be shipped in November and is only available by mail-order.

We are a very small crew at Harman's.  It takes time to process and pack your orders.  Order early, because there are only 5 or 6 of us working each day and each of us wants your package to be delivered on time.  

Another reason to order early is because we will have limited inventory of some products.  Fox Country Smokehouse may not have enough cheese to fill our orders, so please order Smoked Cheeses early.  We won't run out of Harman's Cheddar, because we received 7 tons last week. 

We have a Holiday Update page on our website and will post current information there about ordering, supplies and shipping.  

Ordering Deadlines 
For Thanksgiving and Hanukkah Delivery, order by this Saturday, November 13.
For Christmas Delivery, order by Monday, November 29.
For New Year's Eve Delivery, order by December 10th.
   We will accept orders after these deadlines and process those orders as we are able.  

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you are able to enjoy all of the Holiday Season and not just the Holiday. 

from, Brenda Aldrich and All of us at Harman's

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