2024 Lupine Photos

Be Kind, Lupine Etiquette
  This year you will discover two lupine fields have been mown down.  This action was not done lightly.   After more than one year of bad behavior with a lack of respect for the lupine fields and for personal property, mowing the field  was the best option for the landowners.

To preserve the remaining lupine areas and the beautiful views, please consider the following:

  1.  Enjoy the blossoms and the view, but leave the area the same as you found it.
  2.  Do not walk in the Lupines unless there is a mown path.
    • If there is a beaten down path, that is not a proper path and was made by people that didn’t follow #1 above.
    • Lupines bloom the 2nd year, crushing the small year-old plants means they won’t bloom next year
  3. Check for Ticks!!   Prevent Lyme Disease.
    • Ticks love lupines and love to hitch-hike on you and your pets.
    • Even if you stay on pavement or road, you might have picked up a tick.
  4. Do not dig up Lupines.  The taproot is usually 3 times their height
  5. Do not pick the Lupines.  Seed Pods come after the bloom and provide both food for animals and seeds for future plants.

Visit the following Facebook link to see more photos of lupines in our area:  https://www.facebook.com/LupineCelebration

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Photos chronicle the growth and bloom of the Lupines from April 26 through the blooming season.

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April-May 2024 Lupines